Randiane Aalberg Sandboe

Invisible Visible, Randiane Aalberg Sandboe

Holds a one year foundation course in Lighting Design from Romerike folkehøgskole, and a BFA in Design from the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen (2019). During her studies her main interest was always the theatre space and how lights can define a space’s structure and story. Since 2017 she has been freelancing part-time as lighting designer for theatre. After finishing her bachelor she has been freelancing full-time both as a lighting designer and visual artist. As theatre designer her goal is to make designs which strengthen’s the message of a performance and makes the audience really believe in what they see. As visual artist her goal is the same, but without actors. She makes installations where she plays with our perception of materials, color and light, and experiments with the elements as if they had their own separately voice in a composition.
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Noëlie de Raadt

Sound sculpture by Noëlie de Raadt

Noëlie de Raadt (b.1992 in Genolier, Switzerland) holds a BFA from Geneva University of Art and Design (2015) and a MFA from the Faculty for Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen. (2018)
de Raadt's practice has been influenced by Norwegian mysteries, myths and folktales since she moved to Bergen. Through different sound, text and video works, she translates her everyday life observation into subtle and delicate installations, playing with the visible and the invisible, and the audible and the inaudible.
She currently lives and works in Bergen.

Karen Eide Bøen

The Table Turns, Foto Thor Brødreskift

Karen Eide Bøen is a choreographer and dancer based in Bergen. At the center of all her work is the relationship between body and thought, and how movement and text/sound influence each other. In her performance Love & Emotions the audience sits in the middle of the space and listen to a radio program while the dance takes place around them. She has an ongoing collaboration with Hugo Hedberg. Their two pieces Frank & Elena and To See Yourself From The Outside both deal with everyday movement and thought as choreography. Karen holds a BA in Dance theatre from Trinity Laban in London (2010) and a MA in Choreography from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2017).
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Floriane Grosset

Book-box by Floriane Grosset

Floriane Grosset holds a DNAP in fine arts from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Médias, of Caen, France (2016) and a MFA from the Faculty for Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen (2018). Grosset works with both analogue and digital photography and film, and creates situations to look at images, such as installations or objects, related to the pre-cinematic period. She questions the materiality of images, and the place of the spectator, and the how architecture enclose the bodies and minds.
In 2020, she founded the WAAW Gallery, an online art gallery inviting artists every two months and a half to create innovative projects using and questioning the web.
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Anniken Jøsok Hessen

Sculpture with video projection by Anniken Jsok Hessen

Holds a BFA from Bergen Academy of Art, and a MFA from the Faculty for Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen (2018). During her studies she has went abroad twice, first to Iceland Academy of the Arts and last to Dunedin School of Art in New Zealand. Her goal is and has been to find a method that works for her. It looks like the geographical location 'The island' is a part of this method. Both in the research process and the visual outcome. Mostly interested in making installations with two or more of these elements: Light, moving image, textile, sound.
Always planning which island will be her next destination.
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Ingrid Skåland Eriksen

Negative pinhole camera image by Ingrid Skåland Eriksen

Ingrid Skåland Eriksen live and work in Bergen, Norway. She has a Master in Fine Art from The Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art at Bergen University (2019) where she also have her Bachelor in Fine Art (2015).

Eriksen works with photographs both with and without the apparatus, with her grandfather's camera and album photographs, and her own photographs taken with his old Minolta. Place, time and work are important factors of interest and inspiration. At the same time, Eriksen is increasingly withdrawing from her mechanical heirloom: she challenges the apparatus to gain a better physical understanding of how photographs are created - an understanding of time and light. She "goes back" technologically; with the help of a self-made lensless pinhole camera, she re-produces family photos to get closer to something, but also to create a distance - since a picture of a picture means that we can view the image with a new objectivity, released from the original. These approaches have a personal starting point, where fragmented memory pieces are put together and become stories.
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